Roberto Romanello - Team partypoker

partypoker screen name: R_Romanello

It’s not every day you meet a poker pro who also puts in a shift at the local chippy, but that’s exactly what all-round good guy Roberto Romanello gets up to in a typical week. The Welsh Wizard is famously approachable and his happy-go-lucky demeanour has made him a popular name on the poker circuit, but don’t be fooled – this wizard has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

Over the past decade Roberto has amassed live cashes of more than $3.3 million, including more than $800,000 when he won the 2010 EPT 7 Prague Main Event. Just a few months later he would capture yet another title in the WPT Bratislava, meaning he is now one tournament win away from sealing the coveted Triple Crown of EPT, WPT and WSOP bracelets.

Scroll down for our Q&A with Roberto or to check out his poker stats click here.

What has been your toughest game/tournament?

Probably when I played my biggest ever tourney in Melbourne, Australia. I played the $100k Aussie Millions high roller and was at the toughest table starting with Phil Ivey and Eric Seidel.

What has been your biggest win so far?

Winning over $840,000 at EPT Prague in 2010.

Do you prefer live or online games?

All my life I’ve been a live player and it wasn’t even a close-run thing, but since I’ve been with partypoker I’ve been playing online loads and am starting to love it!

What would you say the highlight of your poker career has been?

This one’s easy. Again, it has to be winning EPT Prague. It was just an unforgettable feeling.

What is your top poker tip?

Always try to watch and remember every move your opponents make, even when you’re not in a hand.

What else are you known for?

I am known as the local chippy boy who fries the best fish and chips in Swansea!

Are there any players that you look up to?

My dad. Easy!

If you could play a game of poker with anyone, who would it be?

Eric Cantona. I think he would give me a good game.

If you weren’t a poker player, what would you be?

I’d probably try to be a professional gambler.

Do you have a favourite poker quote?

“Will you show me if I pass?”

That was used over and over back in the day when I first started. It was very old school and still makes me and the boys laugh even though I don’t use it anymore.