Renato Nomura - Team partypoker

partypoker screen name: Renato_nomura

With 45 picture-perfect beaches, year-long sun and crazy carnivals, it's testament to Renato Nomura's determination that he has managed to ignore all the distractions that the Brazilian city of Florianopolis has to offer and focus on the tables.

Poker initially served as a tool to bond Renato with his two older brothers, refining his game whilst engaging in friendly sibling rivalry. Renato then took his skills online, playing as an amateur for over eight years. It's evident that although the stakes have since increased with his success, the passion and enjoyment Renato displayed for the game in his formative years is still palpable.

Renato's success has predominantly come online, most notably taking down the Title Fight for $52,000 and placing 3rd in a major turbo event for $85,000. However, the talented Brazilian has also made his presence felt on the live circuit, and in style, by beating a field of 572 players to be crowned winner of the BSOP Main Event in 2013 for $108,917.

Leaving a job behind in his parent's shoe shop, Renato has found coaching poker to be a better fit. The Massari Poker School, run by partypoker ambassadors, João and Luiza Simão, provides resources and guidance for aspiring poker players of all levels. Renato especially enjoys helping others to improve their skills on the table, and admits coaching helps him reaffirm his own game.

With over $200,000 in live tournament winnings, and countless online successes, let's hope that Renato has finally laid his boyhood dream of becoming a professional footballer to rest!