Philipp Gruissem - Team partypoker

partypoker screen name: Phil_Gruissem

Part of an elite group of German professional players who have dominated recent High Roller events, Philipp Gruissem plays at the highest stakes against fierce opposition.

A player noted for his fearlessness and creative post-flop play, the thirty-year-old has enjoyed incredible live and online success. In his standout year, 2013, Philipp won two High Roller events within the space of 19 days. Both earned him million dollar plus paydays!

Although huge cashes are a frequent occurrence for Philipp, his poker career started on partypoker under the alias "philbort", where he sharpened his skills by playing low stakes. A tournament win of $200 motivated Philipp to learn more about the game, leading him to read poker literature, and in turn sowing the seeds for what would become one of the world's finest poker brains.

Enjoyment is of paramount importance to Philipp, and forming a close-knit group of fellow professionals to discuss the game with has had a profoundly beneficial impact upon both his game and his happiness. It's an approach that has continued to serve Phillip well, as his career-high cash of $1,378,059 in a 2014 Monaco High Roller Event will pay testament to.

Furthermore, perhaps influenced by Buddhist literature he once read, although not classifying himself as a Buddhist, Philipp firmly believes in the concept of "effective altruism". This motivated him to co-found "Raising for Effective Giving" - a charity fundraising non-profit organisation aimed at efficiently investing funds where it's needed the most.

Philipp's inherent thoughtfulness is expressed through his poker style. The depth and consideration he gives to each hand allows him to outwit even the most elite opponents, amassing over $11 million in total live earnings in the process!