Natalia Breviglieri - Team partypoker

partypoker screen name: N4talB

Having notched up tournament cashes in countries as far-reaching as Russia, Morocco, Australia and the US, Natalia Breviglieri has proven her poker prowess around the globe. Hailing from Scunthorpe, the Brit has already amassed over $165,000 in live winnings and is developing a reputation as a bit of a regular on the final tables of our Power Series events.

Natalia has already come tantalisingly close to emulating her hero Jennifer Harman after nearly winning a WSOP bracelet in 2016. Natalia finished fourth in the Las Vegas WSOP No Limit Hold’em Ladies Championship, settling for just over $45,000 when she finished 4th out of 819 entrants, but it wouldn’t surprise us to see Natalia go one better in the coming years and take a trophy down!

Scroll down for our Q&A with Natalia or to check out her poker stats click here.

What has been your biggest win so far?

Coming 4th in the 2016 WSOP Ladies’ Event.

What would you say the highlight of your poker career has been?

Definitely making the final table of the WSOP Ladies’ Event last summer. It was an incredible experience and one I hope to repeat in the future.

What is your top poker tip?


What else are you known for?

I am known to my family and friends for my cooking. Outside of poker food is my biggest hobby, whether it is eating out, trying new recipes, or watching cookery programmes. Food is almost always on my mind!

Are there any players that you look up to?

When I first got into poker it was definitely Jennifer Harman. She was one of the only women in poker and somebody I wanted to be like that I found really inspiring at the time.

Nowadays I do meet a lot of women in poker and somebody who I think is really, really good for women’s poker and is a great role model is Kristen Bicknell. She’s definitely somebody that I look up to and I find inspiring.

If you could play a game of poker with anyone, who would it be?

My Nanna, she was the person that got me into card games at a very young age. She attended weekly bridge and whist nights with her friends. Nanna would absolutely love poker and would definitely want to learn the game and get involved.

If you weren’t a poker player, what would you be?

Catwoman? [laughter] I like to wear black so why not?

Do you have a favourite poker quote?

“If lady luck closes the door, use the window.”