Mike Sexton -Team partypoker

partypoker screen name: Mike-Sexton

A bona fide member of the Poker Hall of Fame with more than $6.2 million in live tournament winnings, Mike Sexton is the official partypoker Chairman and one of the most famous poker commentators on the planet. He’s also partypoker through and through. He even helped chose the name!

Mike has been with us since the very beginning, helping the site become one of the biggest poker brands in the world, and has always had a close affiliation with partypoker ever since he represented us as the face of the inaugural partypoker Millions tournament in 2002.

After more than four decades in the game The Ambassador of Poker is showing no signs of letting up, and in late 2016 captured his first ever WPT title. Having himself commentated on the WPT for so many years, it was a poetic finale as Mike took down the WPT Montreal Main Event for more than CAD $425,000.

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What has been your toughest game/tournament?

The toughest and most satisfying (because I said before the tournament started that I was donating half of any of my winnings to charity) was the WSOP Tournament of Champions in 2006. When we reached three-handed, it came down to Mike Matusow (the defending champion), Daniel Negreanu (poker's all-time tournament money winner), and me. Daniel and I played heads-up for the title. First place was $1,000,000, second place was $400,000, and neither of us ever mentioned making a deal. It was quite a battle; we played heads-up for over seven hours! Fortunately, I came out on top to win the title and $1,000,000.

What has been your biggest win so far?

Probably when I won the WSOP Tournament of Champions because it was a $1,000,000 first place prize…but a recent WPT title was nice too!

What would you say the highlight of your poker career has been?

That's easy - getting inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2009.

What is your top poker tip?

I have a few. The first is a bit ironic coming from me as I didn't do it, but play within your bankroll. Never criticize an opponent for how they played a hand. Keep your ego in check as you're probably not as good as you think. And most importantly, enjoy the game!

What else are you known for?

Poker has been my life, but my most important role is to try and be a good dad for my eight-year-old son Ty. As for being known for other things gymnastics, dancing, golf, and a being a sucker sports bettor all my life come to mind.

Are there any players that you look up to?

The player I’ve looked up to most in my life was Chip Reese. He was the youngest living player ever inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and the best all-round poker player of all time in my opinion.

If you could play a game of poker with anyone, who would it be?

Some very rich guys who can't spell ‘poker’.

Do you have a favourite poker quote?

I'm pretty well known for one I used closing the shows on the World Poker Tour for the first seven seasons (even though WPT Founder Steve Lipscomb created it):

"May all your cards be live and your pots be monsters."