Isaac Haxton - Team partypoker

Name: Isaac Haxton

Nationality: USA

partypoker screen name: Ike_Haxton

From an early age, it was obvious that Isaac Haxton was no ordinary kid from New York. Adept at chess by the age of four, and a seasoned-gamer before his teens, Haxton displayed an early talent for any game that required deep thinking.

Fast-forward a couple of decades, and those same skills displayed in his youth have been conveniently utilised in the world of poker, where he stands as one of the most respected players on the planet. The New Yorker has amassed over $23 million in tournament winnings, including a career-high $3.6 million score after taking down the Super High Roller Bowl in 2018– not bad for a cash game specialist!

Isaac is an extremely thoughtful and analytical man, reflective in the way he plays poker. Often seen as a heads-up specialist, the 32-year-old regards this as the purest form of the game. Focusing on a single opponent’s traits allows Haxton’s analytical strengths to shine at their brightest, and he has taken on the world’s best online heads-up players simultaneously across multiple tables.

Isaac always has a clear strategy in mind when he plays a hand, and highlights his ability to clearly reason out each decision as one of his core strengths. Owing to his high level of analysis, the New Yorker is always searching for ways to improve his game. Most notably, Isaac acknowledges the value of discussion - whether it be analysing hands with fellow professionals or entering debates on poker forums.

It seems as though the 32-year-old is already a veteran given what he has achieved. He shows no signs of slowing, so expect to see Isaac rise ever-closer to the top of the all-time money list!

What has been your toughest game/tournament?

In the past few years I’ve been learning mixed games and playing high stakes cash in Vegas. I tend to be more of a deep learner than a fast learner, so trying to pick up several unfamiliar games at once has definitely been a challenge.

Do you prefer live or online games?

Until pretty recently I definitely would have said online, but with the live high roller circuit booming I’ve been having a lot of fun playing in those games. Last year was probably the first of my career that I played more live than online.

What would you say the highlight of your poker career has been?

The first time I got a check from an online poker site mailed to me and it really sunk in that I was making serious money playing a computer game in my underwear.

What else are you known for?

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of seafood.

Do you have a favourite poker quote?

“No gamble, no future, young man.”