Meet Team partypoker

Team partypoker is formed of some of the world's most elite players, representing partypoker in both online tournaments as well as at live events in their respective countries all around the globe. Not only will you know such renowned names as Mike Sexton and Isaac Haxton , you’ll also have the chance to play them both online as well as the next partypoker LIVE event. Check out the player resumes of our full Team partypoker lineup below.

Player Panel

The partypoker Player Panel, established in 2018, comprises of a select group of the world’s most respected poker players. Created to improve communication channels between partypoker and the poker community, members will have the power to shape partypoker’s policies and procedures.

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Our Player Panel will offer their expert opinions on anything that affects your poker experience. Specific areas and responsibilities include:
  • High profile fraud or collusion cases, where the panel will be asked to make a fair and impartial decision
  • Strategy against the use of third party software
  • Cash game ecology
  • Game fairness and etiquette
  • Updates to the lobby and client
  • Other software improvements
  • Terms and conditions
  • The expansion and development of the partypoker LIVE tour



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