Third Party Tools Policy

Permitted third-party tools

Currently, the only third-party tools that are permitted to be used on partypoker whilst the gaming client is open are:

  • PartyCaption
  • StackAndTile
  • PlaceMint
  • Table Tamer

Last Updated: 15/10/2019

Use of any other tool not mentioned on this list is prohibited whilst the client is running and may lead to restrictions being placed on your account.

If a user is found to be in breach of our terms and conditions, partypoker reserves the right to permanently close the account and confiscate funds.

Prohibited third-party tools

We understand that there are a number of tools that are designed to help you improve as a poker player.

Whilst the majority of players will legitimately use these tools for studying and personal improvement outside of the game, unfortunately, many of these tools provide assistance that, should they be used in-game, provide the user with an unfair advantage over the remainder of the playing field.

As such, there are a number of tools that we understand our players wish to use (and we are happy for them to do so), however, these tools are strictly prohibited from being used whilst the partypoker client is also running. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • PokerSnowie
  • Jesolver
  • Sharkscope Desktop
  • Flopzilla

Should you have any questions about the use of any specific tool, please contact us at

Requesting permission for a non-listed third-party tool

If you wish to use third-party tool or application that is not listed in the permitted sections above, please email with your request. Please also include the website address of the tool that you wish to use.

If, after reviewing the requested tool, we choose to grant permission for it to be used on our network, we will reply to you directly and also add it to the permitted list above.

Please note that we will not grant permission to tools that provide features listed below:

  • Hand/Range Charts that change or update depending on previous actions
  • Timing Randomisers
  • Seat Scripts
  • Bots/Assistance Software

Fairer Place to Play

Our Team

We have a dedicated Poker Fraud team that proactively identifies accounts that are in breach of our terms and conditions, including the use of ‘bots’ and other prohibited tools, and those who engage in collusion. The team is largely comprised of former online poker professionals who are familiar with the current poker landscape and collectively possess a range of skills and disciplines that allow us to react to all manner of reports quickly and efficiently.

Our dedicated Poker Fraud Team thoroughly investigates each reported case. If a high burden of proof is established, accounts in breach of our policies will be frozen. Funds will then be seized and redistributed to players who were affected by the account that was deemed to be in breach of our rules.

How to Report Suspicious Activity

We take every report seriously and invite you to provide us with the details of any player you suspect to be in breach of our rules. You can email us at or fill in the form below anonymously if you wish.

Please provide us as much information as possible to assist us with our investigation.

Please enter the details below


Monthly Report

Results of our investigations will be published every month. Although we cannot share the details of each individual investigation, we will disclose the number of accounts closed each month and the value of redistributed funds.

Month Closed Funds redistributed Funds redistributed .EU
Dec-18 76 $416,967
Jan-19 32 $126,029
Feb-19 27 $66,944
Mar-19 142 $124,913
Apr-19 94 $143,908 € 34,546
May-19 42 $46,805 € 3,598
Jun-19 67 $24,257 € 8,888
July-19 121 $76,267 € 88,351
Aug-19 48 $148,668 € 29,495
Sept-19 16 $9,338 € 3,368