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Ready to be a poker hero?


Missions give you targets to aim for, challenge you to try new things and improve your game. There’s no pressure – take things at your own pace and see where your next Mission takes you.

As if improving you poker skills wasn’t rewarding enough, we’re throwing in some extra rewards for completing Missions: cash; tournament tickets; bonuses; and more.

Take on a Mission and collect rewards

A Mission gives you a set of objectives to complete. When you hit all the objectives you complete the Mission – and you might get a reward too.

Choose your Mission

First you pick a Mission. Simply go to ‘Missions overview’ and find a Mission you like the look of. Missions you can start will have a ‘play’ icon next to them.


Some Missions may be shown as ‘locked’. That means you have to complete another Mission first.

Starting a Mission

Once you have found a Mission you want to start, open its details by clicking it.

To start the Mission, click the ‘Start Mission’ button. Easy, right?

Track your progress

You can see how you’re doing while your Mission is active with the progress meter. Clicking this opens the Mission details where you can find out everything you need to know.

Pausing a mission

You might want to pause the Mission you’re on and start a fresh one – no problem. Simply click the Mission you want to pause and select ‘Pause Mission’. You can resume a paused mission whenever you like.


Many Missions come with rewards for finishing them: cash; tournament tickets; points; bonuses; or tournament dollars. If a Mission comes with a reward we’ll automatically add it to your account as soon as you’re done.

Money matters

You need to play real money tables to complete Missions. You can check out all the FAQs about Missions here.