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Badges of honour


Poker is about the little victories. The personal milestones. The wins that leave you with a great tale to tell. It’s about your Achievements…

Achievements are our way of helping you display your poker prowess. As you play you’ll pick up ‘well dones’, or Achievements, as you hit moments in poker that deserve recognition.

For example: win two Sit & Go tournaments in a row and you’ll earn your Heating Up Achievement.

Types of Achievements


You get these for collecting things like poker hands. Get dealt a pair of kings? That’s your ‘Cowboys’ Achievement right there.


It starts with the ‘Poker Career I’ milestone when you play your very first hand of poker. After that? Just you wait and see.


Big wins, big losses and those ‘OMG’ moments where you pull out a victory against all the odds.

Climb the ranks

Every Achievement you collect will boost your Achievement score, which you can show off on your profile page. Bag as many Achievements as you can and beat your friends.

Hunt for the Easter eggs

We’ve hidden a few special Easter egg Achievements and it’s up to you to track them down. You won’t see these in the Achievements list but take a look at your friends’ profiles as maybe they’ve collected a few.

Put your money where your mouth is

Poker means more when you bet a bit of cash on it – that’s why we only hand out Achievements at our real money tables. There are a few more rules that apply to all Achievements, you can find these in the Achievements FAQs.